Stelrad Compact K3

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The Compact K3 is the ideal choice for low energy systems, providing outstanding heat output from a smaller footprint.

Stelrad Compact K3 Radiator
Stelrad Compact K3 Radiator
 40 Models
Heights400mm to 700mm
Lengths400mm to 2400mm
Outputs956 to 5734 watts, 3262 to 19564 Btu/hr


  • Stelrad Compact K3 Radiator
  • Stelrad Compact K3 Radiator

Extra Information

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

K3 radiators have three panels and three convector fins which provide increased heat emitting surfaces from a smaller radiator ‘footprint’. The heat output requirement determines the size of a radiator, so by doubling up or tripling  the number of panels, it’s possible to achieve higher heat levels from smaller length radiators.

The K3 is also ideal for use with renewable heating systems. The most common renewable heating methods are air source or ground source heat pump installations and solar thermal systems – all of which can produce effective and energy efficient room heating in conjunction with the K3 radiator option.

The benefits of radiators being installed on renewable systems are many.  Firstly, once installed, no maintenance is required. And secondly of course being on the wall, the heat they emit is not affected by coverings of any type, compared to underfloor heating where the heat emitted can vary widely depending on the floorcoverings utilised. In addition, many installers feel very uncomfortable with using underfloor heating on upper floors.

Every radiator comes wrapped in robust, practical packaging that will keep the product pristine, right through to hand over. Protective through storage and transit, the new packaging design also allows installation prior to removal.

Strictly controlled independent laboratory testing ensures that all Stelrad radiators are guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar), and conform to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators.